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Chert dating the site was excavated during which one of the objectives was to learn more about the chert mining and processing at the site. The ratio of artefact types and lack of use-wear suggests that not only was raw material being extracted at the site, but tools were also being produced locally before being exported. The excavations also revealed what appear to be the remains of pit quarrying and possibly fire cracked limestone and debris.

chert dating

These finds provide technical insight into potential chert extraction techniques utilised in the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age. As well, this is as yet the only anunt telefonic matrimonial settlement in the Transylvanian basin involved in chert extraction either quarrying or mining.

Indeed artefacts found at contemporary sites in the Mureș Valley appear to have been made from the same or a similar chert.

chert dating

This paper gives an introductions to the site, describes the artefacts and features found there and provides possible interpretations regarding the processing and export industry, as well as the methods of extracting the raw material during this period. A hunyamegyei történelmi és régészeti társulat évkönyve, Bibliotheca Historica et Archaeologica Banatica Vol.

Mirton, Timișoara, p.

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chert dating

Engel, F. Antiquity Project Gallery79 Geological Institute of Romania, Bucharest. Așezările aparținând culturii Petrești din bazinul Mureșului mijlociu.

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chert dating

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Der Anschnitt. Zeitschrift für Kunst und Kultur im Bergbau Essen 35 3 : Biblioteca de Arheologie Vol. Jellegü emlékei Erdélyben.

The chert quarrying and processing industry at the Piatra Tomii site, Romania

Közlemények az Erdélyi Nemzeti Múzeum érem- és régiségtárából, 1: chert dating The nature of monuments in Transylvania" Roska, M. Thesaurus antiquitatum Transsilvanicarum Vol. Erdélyi Tudományos Intézet, Cluj-Napoca, p. Prehistory" Schmid, E. In: Jahre Feuersteinbergbau. Die Suche nach dem Stahl der Steinzeit. Biblioteca Brukenthal Vol. Editura Altip, Alba Iulia, p.

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Draganić, Belgrade, p. Téglás, G. In: Hunyadvármegye földjének története: Az őskortól a honfoglalásig Vol. Dacia, 7:

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