Millennials dating deal breaker

millennials dating deal breaker

Senior Developer at Ubisoft About Alexandra Petrea I am a full stack developer who enjoys creating complex web applications, while committed to empowering other girls to follow a technical career. As a highly curious person, I believe in constant learning and sharing the knowledge with other people, in order to grow together.

Join us in the quest to find the best way to share millennials dating deal breaker, independent applications, which are easily integrated in all our products.

millennials dating deal breaker

Web - Sr. Software Engineer at Electronic Arts Romania, Lecturer University of Bucharest About Ciprian Păduraru Ciprian has more than 13 years in game development, being involved in the development of end to end titles or game engines. The last years were focused on AI related work.

In their talk, Ciprian and his co-speaker Alexandru-Marian Atanasiu will present the framework developed in the Frostbite team from EA Romania to support machine learning models inference in video games for different platforms, from different endpoints: the client API, workflows and the low-level solution adopted for operators implementation based on compute shaders.

I strongly believe in empowering teams to achieve clear goals while playing with the latest technologies and having fun.

millennials dating deal breaker

You get more customers, employees and users of your applications every year. You ended up spending more time keeping the systems working than developing new features.

Other start-ups in your field develop more features with smaller teams.

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How do you make sure you keep the lead? I will present the strategy we took to break the vicious cycle of support and maintenance, make room for more cool new features and keep the lead in our field.