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When they do, it's always brief moments that standout like at the end of the Bridge in Gee, of all places.

[engsub/中字] taeny's love fight? (snsd)

The Korean version was on the Mr. They were in China to promote it when Jessica was cut from the group. All 9 girls are in the video recycling one of their I Got A Boy era outfits. I'm sure Jessica was meant to be in TTS but I think she was too busy when they debuted that unit so it was just those members.

BTW the song in is Soul, a bside for their Mr Mr album it is originally in chinese and they did it for a chinese game or movie, don't remember which one is correct The chinese version: rosection.

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The only song with a live is in chinese : rosection. It's very snsd taeny dating when its not snsd taeny dating own concert and sound engineers thats with them.

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Sandra Jung Acum lună for the harmonize clip, the person who made this video sometimes cliping the video of taeyeon's part and jessica's part same part together, I think the video is a bit messy thou anyway this clip is so olddddI think it's even before their debut date yet that clip so iconic Sandra Jung Acum lună ah Jay Phruekthayanon Acum lună That harmonies clip wasn't really good to be honest, most part of the video is just 2 clips of them singing the same melody layered on top of each other so those aren't exactly them harmonizing - but to be fair Taengsic moments are very rare.

I don't think they were that close. I'm saying this as a hardcore Sone.

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I think they sound phenomenal together and I love them both to death but sometimes you just have to admit when there's just no chemistry. That's probably why we never really had an official duet track from them.

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