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What is your condition? Ashford - Wikipedia What had started as a rou- sighting of a Russian aircraft had now reached the White House and presum- ably President Richard Nixon. Enquires were made and it was discovered that the pilot was on station, and by coincidence, 'Flight Avail- able'.

The Americans wanted one of their own men present when the object was eventually cornered. Captain Schaffner was sitting in the crew room of 5 Squadron when the call came.

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Newsletter Schaffner was still in his flying suit, after returning earlier that evening from a training s o r t ~ in one of the squadron's aircraft.

He remembers XS being refuelled at a rate of gallons per minute, when suddenly the aircraft engines started. He said, "The windows ofthe tanker almost went in, I took off the hoses and got out of the way. Mann remembered Captain Schaffner disregarding the ground marshal, who was the eyes and ears of the pilot on the ground, as he swung the Lightning round.

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Redirecționează aici: By this time four Lightnings, two Phantoms and three tankers were already airborne and they were joined by a Shackleton from Kinloss which was or- dered to patrol on a north-southheading at 3,ft 10 miles from the east coast.

One XS, was in the process of having its fuel tanks topped up. Schaffner climbed the ladder into the air- craft and hauled himself into the cockpit.

He waved aside the ground crews who were expected to carry our pre-flight checks, ordered the refuelling to stop and failed to sign the regulation form stating that he was happy with the aircraft.

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The aircraft was armed with two Red Top air-to-air missiles, one was armed, the other a dummy. The aircraft's guns had enough 30mm canon shells for a six-second burst. Centrele de consultanță pentru transportatori se află la serviciile autorutiere sau la popasurile pentru autocamioane. Ambuteiajele se pot produce oricum dacă conducătorii de HGV -uri ajung la Portul Dover sau Eurotunel fără documentele corecte.

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Forumul de Reziliență Kent a dezvoltat planuri pentru a aborda această situație. At Those on the ground saw it disappear with a sheet of flame from its twin tail pipes as it headed out over the North Sea. By now the mystery contact which had lead to five Lightnings, two Phantoms, three tankers and a Shackle ton being scram- bled was being tracked by radar control- lers at Staxton Wold, which stands on high ground overlooking Scarborough.

The contact was flying parallel to the east coast 90 miles east of Whitby, at a speed of mph and an altitude of 6, ft. Lui Bond îi plăcea anonimatul, aşa că răspunse pe un ton menit să descurajeze: — Eh, ce coincidenţă extrem de rară!

Bărbatul întinse mâna; Bond se ridică încet şi i-o strânse scurt. Mâna era moale şi parcă lipsită de articulaţii — ca thiruvananthapuram dating pachet de nămol modelat în formă de mână sau ca o mănuşă de cauciuc umflată — Mă numesc Du Pont.

Schaffner: I have visual contact, repeat visual contact. Staxton: Can you identify aircraft type? Negative, nothing recognis- able, no clear- outlines.

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There is bluish Staxton: Is it part of the object or independ- ent? Staxton: Can you assess the rate Schaffner: Contact in descent, gentle.

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Am going with it Staxton: Is the ball object still with it. Schaffner: Affirmative.

It's not actually connected Two and a half minutes after the blip came to a halt it started accelerating rapidly to mph and climbing to ft, heading south towards Staxton.

Shortly afterwards, the single blip sepa- rated into two. One maintaining it's south- erly heading, somewhat erratically, -at about mph and descending slowly, the other turning through degrees to head north westerly and vanishing at a speed later calculated to be around 20,mph. Hell that's bright Staxton: Are your instruments function- ing Check compass.

It's a conical shape,jeeze that's bright, it hurts my eyes to look at it for more than a few seconds.

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Meniu de navigare Staxton: How close are you now? Schaffner: About ft he's still in my three o'clock. Hey wait It's like a large soccer ball It's like it's made of glass.

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PAGE6 the conical shape. There's a haze of light Ye'ow Wait a sec- ond, it's turning I can hardly Staxton: Come in Foxtrot 94 are you receiving?

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Over, come in. As the controller lost contact with Captain Schaffner, a radar operator who had been tracking the Lightning and the mystery object watched in amazement.

The two blips on the screen representing the aircraft and it's quarry, slowly merged into one. Decelerating rapidly from mph until they became stationary ft above the At this time a Shackleton which had been on patrol off the Firth of Forth was or- dered to hold station around Flam borough Head. Then Staxton Wold re-established contact with Captain Schaffner.

Schaffner: GCI. Staxton: Affirmative 94, loud and clear. I can't think what has happened I can see shooting stars.

No 4 Schaffner: Affirmative, but er Staxton: 94 is ditching. Staxton: Foxtrot 94, turn degrees. Shackleton: Affirmative GCI. Staxton: Come further That's good, is your altimeter functioning? Trimiteți navigarea.

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