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Transparencies must be able to withstand temperatures of °C °F without melting, discoloring, offsetting or releasing hazardous emissions.

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Selecting transparencies The printer can print directly on transparencies designed for use in laser printers. Transparencies must be 0.

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Print quality and durability depend on the transparency used. Always print samples on the transparencies being considered for use before buying large quantities. We recommend Lexmark part number 12A for letter size transparency and Lexmark part number 12A for A4 yw dating butouts transparency.

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The Paper Type setting should be set to Transparency to help prevent jams. Check with the manufacturer or vendor to determine whether the transparencies are compatible with laser printers that heat transparencies to °C °F. Use only transparencies that are able to withstand these temperatures without melting, discoloring, offsetting, or releasing hazardous emissions.

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Envelopes Try a sample of any envelopes in consideration for use with the printer before buying large quantities. See Loading the multipurpose feeder for instructions on loading envelopes.

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